CEO Attend Regional Workshop on Harmonization of Pesticide Registration in the Pacific, Nadi, Fiji, 8 – 12 May

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

This Regional Workshop on Harmonization of Pesticide Registration in the Pacific Islands through a Pacific Pesticide Registration Scheme is to finalized the “Regional PESTICIDE ADVISORY Scheme” between SPC and Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and the rest of the Pacific countries.  Management of Pesticides is a key concern to the people of Tonga in ensuring the proper use by farmers, that is selecting the right pesticide, applying at the right time, applying with the right rate, with safety at all levels of purchasing, storing, transporting.


 IN addition, the screening the pesticides to be imported into Tonga is a key steps with reference to the Rotterdam Convention list of pesticides of which Tonga has agreed to be on the Prior Inform Procedure.  Lastly, the initial assessment of efficacy will transferred to this Regional Body at SPC. 


The farmers and general public will benefit from additional layer of screening pesticides to be imported into Tonga.  IN the end, additional safety measures are added which will benefit the farmers, consumers and general public of Tonga.


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