Cattle And Sheep Integrated Production And Management For Tonga

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

The Launching of Cattle And Sheep Integrated Production And Management For Tonga officially opened by Hon. Semisi Tauelangi Fakahau, Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forests and Fisheries at Davina Conference Room on 30th August 20017 with 40 people attended, consisting of the Project Committee, staff and invited guests who were mainly farmers.

The workshop was headed by Dr Katinka deBalogh who is based in Bangkok. The leading technical officer (LTO) was Dr Viliami Fakava who resides in Samoa and Dr Joe Fifita (a NZ veterinarian working in the King Country area of the Waikato) is the International consultant. Pau Likiliki is the resident FAO representative, with Viliami Taufa as the NPC (national project coordinator) from MAFFF. Fehi Moala completes the Project Committee and is the national consultant (NC).

TCP/TON/3602 …This is the Inception Workshop for “Cattle and sheep integrated production and management, to improve animal production and farm productivity in sheep and cattle. It is a two-year program with a $US364,000 funding with partnership between FAO which provides funding and the technical expertise for the project and the government through MAFFF which raised the initiative in 2012 as it looked for an overseas donor.

Vision ….To grow lean meat that is healthy, affordable and reduces the import of fatty meat from overseas which causes and increases the incidence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) amongst Tongans,

 The availability of lean meat locally will give consumers a choice with healthy meat available at affordable prices. The government has imposed measures to help with the reduction of NCDs in the kingdom.

 Objectives  …..To make sure that the project committee, staff and farmers understand what the project is about and the collaborative activities involved, especially from the stakeholders.

The activities are specific regarding roles, setting up of six nucleus herds throughout Tonga (3 in Ttpu, 1 in Vv, 1 in Hap and 1 in ‘Eua. distribution of animals (40 sheep and 40 cattle nationally), identifying breeds used (to be confirmed when AB specialist arrives in November), improved pastures and feeds for stocks (continuing with improved species imported) and conducting training programs for both staff and farmers alike.

Project Collaborators  …The project committee (PC) will run and manage the trial with help from MAFFF staff and farmers, Members of the PC contributed during the workshop, enlightening the audience with the expected tasks to undertake.





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