Saturday, September 14th, 2019

 ‘Mai e Nima initiative that encourages Class 5 students to cook healthy meals with locally grown produce and enhance awareness on nutritional value has added an element of healthy competition to really boost its in school activities.  Four primary schools from Hahake, Tongatapu compete in a thrilling cook-off on Friday  23/08/2019 at Nuku’alofa. 

All the government primary schools in the Hahake region were given the opportunity to participate in the competition, and of those applications received the following four schools made the final cut; Fu’amotu, Kolonga, Tu’aliku ‘o Pilolevu and Malapo. Entries were selected based on dishes nutritional content, creativity, innovation and ease of preparation at home by students.

The competition is being made possible by The Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the Nishi Foundation. The Competition held at Ministry of Agriculture, Women’s Division Kitchen, Vaiola Motu’a.

The first prize awarded to Fu’amotu Government Primary Schools, The second Prize awarded to Kolonga Government Primary School and the Third prize awarded to Malapo and Tu’aliku ‘o Pilolevu Government Primary Schools.

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