Promote productivity and sustainability in agriculture through effective and efficient advisoty service to the sector’s clients.

  • Effective and efficient advisory services and timely dissemination of Information contributing to increased production and exports, improved food security and risk resilience and reduced imports.
  • Appropriate and more effective advice to farmers and relevant stakeholders in farming systems, crop, livestock and forests production and husbandry to help improve their production and exports, food security and risk resilience and reduced imports.
  • More Effective, efficient and timely dissemination of Information to farmers and relevant stakeholders to help improve productivity, strengthening the PPP and improve sustainable management of resources.
Program Overview:

The ministry is implementing different types of programmes where project proposal on the type of development to be done on crops are submitted. There are few projects identified for the rural and outer islands, Import substitution and Export promotion this year. In effort to improve crop production the department will encourage the farmers to adopt new farming techniques and ministry would be developing facilities for water storage, cooling and even processing. It is also hoped that the operation of farmers will be more streamed lined in the future which the basic target of the ministry.

Agriculture Extension Program:

This project is for food security crops planting material multiplication, agro-inputs, farmer capacity building, and awareness.

Export Promotion Program:

This program is a consolidation of crop, forestry and livestock extension/research projects of DOA with the special emphasis on those commodities that have the potential to do well in the export market with a view to boosting the agriculture sector contribution to national exports.

Import Substitution Program:

This program is a consolidation of livestock, forestry and crop extension/research projects with a view of strengthening local production of crops, fruit trees and livestock that can substitute import. This will see the promoting of both production and consumption of local foods which can in turn contribute to addressing the issue of our high food import bills.

Women and Youth Development in Agriculture Program:

This program is to promote agriculture with special emphasis on women groups and youth groups on livestock, horticulture and forestry projects. It includes planting material multiplication especially the pandanus, paper mulberry and vegetables, capacity building, and awareness.

Agricultural Show:

To provide awareness to the general public and stakeholders on the type of services available from the Department. The Agricultural show will promote Agriculture in the country as a whole. Directly the public will be more aware of the services and activities that are currently offered by the ministry.

Disaster Risk Management Preparedness & Rehabilitation Program:

This program aims to promote public awareness of how to get prepared to face any risk as result of any unforeseen disaster. The public should also aware of how to face challenges and way forward after experience disaster.


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