mafff outer island1The Ministry (MAFFF) aims to bring about a change that promotes demand driven approaches as an integrated objectives for all programs such as:
i) enhance livelihoods of people in the rural areas including the outer islands of Tonga;
ii) ensure sustained and secure access to Food, and;
iii) enhance poverty reduction through appropriate programs.

These include increase in market access opportunities and services that will provide needed benefit to rural communities in rural area and outer islands.

Given the current situation and development perspective, what inspires MAFFF in its development effort is a vision to be the driver of the sustainable development of the Tongan agricultural sector and natural resources through proactive development of sustainable agriculture activity that reduces the risk of food insecurity, reduces poverty, and increases the contribution to GDP. These are the current divisions under the Ministries management:

  • Office of the Minister
  • Office of the CEO
  • Corporate service division (CSD)
  • Extension, women development and iinformation division (EWID)
  • Quarantine and quality management division (QQMD)
  • Research & development division
  • Forestry division
  • Livestock division
  • Food division


Maa’imoa Faka’ali’ali Ngoue Vahe Fonua Tongatapu 2017

Na’e toki fakama’opo’opo ‘e Tongatapu ‘a e Maa’imoa faka’ali’ali Ngoue ki he […]

Maa’imoa Faka’ali’ali Ngoue Vahe Fonua Niuatoputapu 2017

Na’e hoko atu ai pe  ‘a e Maa’imoa Faka’ali’ali Ngoue  ki he […]

Maa’imoa Faka’ali’ali Ngoue Vahe Fonua ‘Eua 2017

Lau mai ‘a Vava’u Lahi, Ongo Niua, Ha’apai Veu mo honau ngaahi […]

Maa’imoa Faka’ali’ali Ngoue Vahe Fonua Ha’apai 2017

Na’e tatau mo e ha ‘a e ongo’i ‘e he Ha’apai kotoa […]


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